Thursday, May 24, 2012

That Thing

If that title was in my other blog I probably would've whipped out the verses to Lauryn Hill's single Doo Wop.    But this entry isn't about "that thing"....*LOL*.   Though I need to get "that thing" in order.   It's been a minute since I've talked about "that thing" or anything...*LOL*.    But that's for another post.

So Tasha sent an urgent text to Trina and myself earlier this week concerning our parents.   The fact that Tasha was the one sending this S.O.S. was significant since she hasn't been as involved with caring for my parents until recently.   But she mentioned that she was worried because her boyfriend found two bullet casings near my parent's front porch when he was pulling out the weekly trash.   

We've all been trying unsuccessfully for the last few years to get my parents to move to a smaller place.   It's been a very frustrating process.   It's definitely an emotional thing that's holding them at the house.   Both of them have their health issues and basically our old family home is too much home for them in a nearly dead neighborhood.

Tasha's biggest worry is that my parents are in danger from the neighborhood drug dealers (who have changed ranks yet again due to recent turf wars).   And I totally hate visiting my parents "in the hood" because of that but it would break them if I didn't visit.

Tonight my Dad was complaining about his auto insurance going up and I kept saying location plays a role (a subtle dig to tell him there are other areas besides Detroit to live).   But last round he seemed fine with wanting to move out of Detroit but my Mom still wants to stay in Detroit.   She's only talking about moving a few blocks away to some townhomes near Henry Ford where they go to their doctors.

It's a mess.  I didn't even want to talk to them because I was pissed about the whole situation.   My Dad of course in the course of our conversation asked if I was swinging by for the holiday weekend.   I told him that I wasn't able to...truth is I rather spend my holiday weekend in Chicago.

But I later was talking to my Mom and in the course of our conversation, even with us disagreeing on their living situations, I had to smile because through it all my Mom and I still have "that thing".    What's that thing?   I talked about it's our Libra Connection.   I actually told myself that I would visit Detroit around Father's Day since it would make my Dad really happy.   And lo and behold my Mom tells me that I should come on Father's Day.   I swear even though we don't see eye to eye on some things, we definitely have that...Libra I like to call it.   We seem to be in tune with our thoughts at times.   Totally wild.