Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In Tandem

I survived my birthday tandem jump.   Overall it was a great experience.   I was actually okay on the plane ride.    I was only nervous when it was time to do the actual jump.   I had completely forgotten the quick lessons that my instructor gave and he had to open my hands and open the chute.   I kept my hands in the initial prayer position that they told us to put it in.    Now that I think about it, the reason they tell you to do it that way is so that you're not pushing your hands against the side of the plane trying to keep from jumping out.    Something like this scary video:

In a later interview she said basically her knees had given out and she needed to use the side of the plane for support.   Unfortunately her diver didn't secure her properly to the harness and that's when all hell broke loose on the air.

Luckily my dive went much better.   So I can cross off one more item off my imaginary bucket list.

Next stop...Reno!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's The Big One

Omgosh I can't believe it's finally here.   Well technically it's almost here.   The moment I've been anticipating.   I can't say I've been waiting for it but it's coming like a freight train.  My thirties are coming to an end and I officially become a 40 year old.    Next year (sigh which is only a few months away) I can say I'm a forty-something.

I thought I'd ring in my 40th doing something really memorable.   Here's a video of what I plan on doing on my 40th, which is officially on the 15th.

Well I won't be doing everything those guys are doing.   Mine will be pretty basic I think.   If I survive that the plan is the following week to fly into Reno for a few days and check out the casino scene as well as Lake Tahoe.

Definitely excited and nervous about the 15th but I'm sure it'll be okay.

Keep me in your prayers.