Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's Still There.

Happy 2015 over three months later.     Just wanted to pop in for a real quick update.

My relationship with Dom is still going strong almost seven months later.    We definitely seem to still enjoy each other's company.    We've both talked about meeting each other's families.   Summertime will probably be the best bet for that since he'll be done with his school year.   Speaking of which he's in the market for a new teaching position as the kids where he teaches at are a bit too extra.    Only thing he's a bit of a procrastinator, something else we both have in common...*LOL*.   He needs to get cracking on filling out apps.    It doesn't sound like it's as intense as Eugene's college gig though, which from what he told me you have to interview at least a year before your start date to get in any college.   Eugene of course was questioning why Dom wasn't looking sooner.  

One thing I've learned from my last relationship with ex-Rock is to be careful not to share everything with Eugene about my relationship.   I'm careful to not mention things to Dom that Eugene said about him.   That got me in trouble with ex-Rock and it got to the point whenever I had an issue with ex-Rock to discuss, he kept thinking Eugene was the catalyst behind it (as opposed to me having my own thoughts).

I'm visiting my folks this week.   They have their usual health issues but are otherwise okay.    My Dad messed up the front bumper of his car today backing out of a parking spot at his dentist office.     He hit something that he couldn't quite see and it pulled out a small corner of his bumper.     Thankfully my brother in law (Tasha's hubby) has a brother that repairs cars so hopefully he'll be able to fix my Dad's.   Incidentally my Dad had the genius idea to put a rear spoiler on the car as well after seeing someone else in the complex with a similar spoiler.   I ordered a spoiler for him months back that he hasn't installed so maybe he can kill two birds with one stone.    We'll see.

They say whatever you post on the internet never truly goes away.    I wasn't so sure that was the case when my former favorite TV show discussion board, TelevisionWithoutPity, went buh-bye.    A lot of posters moved to another TV forum board called Previously TV.

Anyway I was watching on Netflix the series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt last week and wanted to see what other folks thought of the episode.    Sadly the show was in the news due to the death of a plastic surgeon that a character on the show was loosely based on.    I don't nearly post as much as I used to.    There was this one show I really, really liked that I posted a lot on.    I even named my first blog after it.    But once TWoP went bye, all the threads were gone, including the very exciting discussions I along with a group of other forum members had on the show.    The discussions got heated at times but for the most part everyone was somewhat respectful.    Every now and then I enjoyed going on the thread long after the show was unfairly canceled just to relive those days.    

Anyway someone on the new forum posted a link to TWoP's archive board for My Name Is Earl.   It didn't take long for me to search through the archives and find the thread for my beloved Half & Half.   My life is now complete as I pour through the archives to relive the discussions.

Life is good...LOL!

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  1. 7 months is a long time in young male/male relationships! Nice to hear you still get along :) Hope your honey finds a great position and that your dad gets his car fixed soon!